This woman was caught eating mayonnaise out of the jar and people are horrified

Jumbotrons are responsible for displaying the best moments from sporting events, whether it be an amazing play, celebrity sighting, or even a passionate kiss. But during Monday’s basketball game between the Detroit Pistons and the Sacramento Kings, the big screen also happened to capture a pretty off-putting moment when a spectator ate a spoonful of mayonnaise.

(Photo: Hellmanns)

In a video shared by ESPN that has now gone viral, a woman is seen sitting next to a friend in the stands casually eating from a jar of mayo. Holding the jar and its label up for other spectators to get a better view, the woman then smirks before eating the condiment. Her friend laughs along before she’s offered a taste herself, and although neither of them make any sort of distasteful expression, everybody who’s seen it is feeling some type of way.

“You know, there’s food you can put that on,” ESPN hilariously tweeted with the video, which has received more than 1,400 likes on Twitter. The reactions, however, are priceless.

People have taken to the replies to let others know that it might not actually be mayonnaise that the two women are eating. Instead, some are suggesting that they’ve likely refilled the jar with yogurt or vanilla pudding in order to get the reaction and their 15 minutes of internet fame.

The woman isn’t the first to pull the stunt to possibly gain attention. Last year, a spectator named Graham went viral for eating tablespoons of mayonnaise just behind the commentators. People similarly doubted that he was actually eating the condiment on its own. However, he took to Twitter to settle any debates.

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