Woman Caught Smuggling 350 Nintendo Switch Games In Her Bra

Screenshot: Hong Kong 01 / Kotaku
Screenshot: Hong Kong 01 / Kotaku

A nervous woman with a large bust size was stopped at an airport in China after officials grew suspicious. They inspected her and discovered she was allegedly trying to smuggle 350 Nintendo Switch carts out of the country by stuffing them into her bra.

As spotted by Tom’s Hardware on June 14and reported by Yahoo, a woman trying to leave Hong Kong and enter China via the Liantang Port was stopped by Customs officers after they noticed she was acting strange, seemed nervous, and had oddly shaped breasts during a routine inspection of travelers. She was taken to a private area and officials reportedly found that she was trying to smuggle over 300 Switch cartridges in her brassiere, likely explaining her odd behavior and the strange shape of her bust.

Officials confiscated the 350 Nintendo Switch carts from the woman’s bra. It’s estimated that the value of all the games is around 70,000 yuan or about $9,660 USD.

In China, Article 7 of the Regulations on the Implementation of Customs Administrative Punishments of the People’s Republic of China prohibits people from evading customs by “hiding, disguising, concealing declarations, false declarations or other means, transporting, carrying, or mailing goods that are prohibited or restricted from entry or exit by the state.” And like in most countries, bringing in goods without paying the necessary taxes is illegal and considered smuggling.

As pointed out by Tom’s Hardware, assuming the Switch carts aren’t considered “restricted” by China, the woman suspected of smuggling games in her bra is unlikely to see jail time. Instead, she could be fined “not more than three times the amount of duties payable but evaded.”

Now, for folks out there who wear or have access to bras, and also a bunch of Switch games, here’s my challenge to you: Try to fit 350 Switch carts into some lingerie. I’m guessing this isn’t an easy feat. Just getting them all in there to begin with sounds hard enough. And then you have to carry all that weight and plastic on your chest while trying to look normal. I’m not sure I could do it. And I guess neither could the woman caught by Chinese officials.


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