Woman in China uses restaurant's bowl as a mini toilet for her kid


A woman in China used a restaurant bowl as a mini toilet for her child. (Photo: Weibo)

People tend to have varying views towards hygiene. For example, keeping one’s desk neat and tidy is a must for some, while others relish unorganised mess. However, what happened recently in a restaurant in China went beyond subjective standards of cleanliness.

A Weibo user witnessed a mother using a blue bowl to contain her son’s pee, and pour it into another food bowl. After being caught, the unrepentant woman even retorted, “The bowl has to be washed anyway.”

Netizens debated whether there was any virtue to what the mother did. One user said sarcastically, “Since the bowl is used, the lady might as well drink it.”

Another played on the same logic as the woman and said, “We are all going to die anyway. Since you are so uncouth, why don’t you die first?”

“Next time we’ll give her a spittoon for eating,” another person commented.

The restaurant said that such a thing had never happened before, and that they had disposed of all the bowls that day. They found the incident strange, because even if her son was in urgent need of the toilet, the toilets could be found in every floor of the restaurant.