Woman concerned by friend’s ‘uncomfortable’ outfit choices around her boyfriend: ‘I don’t know how to approach this’

A woman isn’t sure how to broach the subject of how her best friend’s attire makes her boyfriend feel.

She and her boyfriend went on vacation with her best friend. The problem is her best friend wears “revealing clothing.” The Reddit poster thinks it’s making her boyfriend uncomfortable and asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in.

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“Over the weekend, my boyfriend (23), of 5 years, and best friend (f-21), and I (f-21), rented an little cottage to hang out together,” she wrote. “Long story short: my best friend is a beautiful girl and she is very comfortable in her skin, the entire time she was wearing very revealing clothes.”

She described her friend’s clothing as “booty shorts” and crop tops with “no bras” underneath.

“I as her best friend of 10 years know that she had always been like this and she wears things like this even if it’s around just girls,” the Reddit poster said. “BUT I could tell that my boyfriend was getting a little uncomfortable. I didn’t see his eyes wondering or anything as such, but I feel as if I do know him and can read his body language.”

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Now she wonders if she should bring it up with either her friend or her boyfriend.

“I don’t know how to approach this situation,” she explained. “It’s been on my mind for a while too. My boyfriend and I haven’t had a conversation about it either.”

People thought the Reddit poster was the problem here.

“There’s nothing to discuss. This situation triggered an insecurity of yours and that’s where the conversation needs to happen,” a person commented.

“She can dress however she likes,” another said.

“Sounds like a you problem. You know how your friend dresses. You chose to go on vacation with her and your BF,” a user added.

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