Woman defends her $7,000 cheese board

Charcuterie boards have become a major food trend over recent years, with many creators taking to social media to show off their fancy boards filled with various fruit, meats, and cheeses.

One TikToker known for showing off her luxury meals is Emmy Rener, who goes by the username @sophisticatedspreads. Recently she made a series of videos detailing what her luxury boards contain - and their high price tag.

On 30 September, Rener posted a video showing what a $7,000 cheese board looks like. After being viewed over five million times, many questioned how deli meats and cheeses somehow ended up costing that much.

“The math is not mathing,” one person commented on Rener’s video. Some viewers even went on to mention their own charcuterie boards they either made themselves or had catered. “My $250 cheese board had just as much,” one person pointed out in the comments section.

“I had my entire wedding of 110 people catered with three courses and two choices of meat for $2500........” another commenter wrote, questioning the price.

Because of the huge reaction to Rener’s price point, she made a follow-up video providing an explanation. To preface the video, the cheese board entrepreneur explained that she didn’t need to “defend” her prices, but was making the video to help other business owners.

“I’m making it clear to the other business owners who don’t know their worth: You can charge whatever you want! And if people are booking it and your clients are happy, then you’re doing it right,” she said.

She continued to explain what contributed to the cost of the board. The table was 25-feet long and was the only food being served at an engagement party with 150 guests. The client requested a “hand-woven garland” made by a florist as well as “artisan cheeses” which both required an extra charge.

But the biggest reason for the was that the party was taking place in Napa Valley, California while Rener’s company is based in Los Angeles. The drive is over six and a half hours long, so required Rener to take a team of people with her and stay in a hotel overnight.

“So before you get your panties in a wad, do your research,” she ended the video.

After this follow-up video many people took to the comments to explain how much the price had suddenly made sense, with a few even mentioning that Rener could have charged more for her cheese board.

“This isn’t just a cheese board. This is a buffet table. Considering the hotel for a team and the handmade garlands, I think the $7K is reasonable,” one person commented.

Another person agreed, writing, “Babe. My fav artisan cheese costs 15 bucks for a hunk that is the size of my palm. OF COURSE ITS $7000!!!”

“Low-key including travel and hotel I would expect to pay 9-10k for this so 7k is a deal in my eyes,” a commenter wrote, saying that Rener could have charged more money.

The Independent has contacted Rener for comment.