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Woman details how she volunteered to get drunk at a police department event: ‘Thank you for your service’

Carrie Orozco (@carrieooos) was able to help her local police force and get drunk for free all because of a volunteer opportunity.

She participated in “DUI Night,” which is a day where the police academy trainees put their protocol for handling drunk citizens to the test. Volunteers show up and take a breathalyzer test to make sure they are completely sober. After that, the academy will serve volunteers drinks throughout the night and track their breathalyzer readings.

“Tonight, I will let the police department get me nice and drunk,” Orozco said to start her video.

“Thank you for your service,” said @lindsayariin.

After a certain amount of time, all the volunteers are brought into a dark room (to simulate night time) and the trainees practice their DUI testing and report what they would do in the real world. The test for the trainees is that there is one sober volunteer among the inebriated ones.

Once she posted about her experience, several people began to wonder how they could volunteer and get drunk on the police’s dime.

Orozco found out about the opportunity from her friends who work for the department and her city, so she was given the inside scoop — which is important since DUI Night is an irregular occurrence.

“This doesn’t happen every single year at the same time. There’s not one in the spring and one in the fall,” she said. “It depends on their hiring levels for the police department.”

According to Orozco, finding volunteers is mainly done through word of mouth, but her city struggles to find participants.

Even if you don’t know someone that works in that sector, there are still ways to get started with these opportunities.

“If you are still very passionate about trying to volunteer for DUI Night, then I recommend volunteering for the police department, or for the jail or signing up to do a ride along,” Orozco said. “I would think that once you start volunteering, they would continue to present you with opportunities.

There were also a couple rules and requirements for this volunteer session. The obvious first one is that the participants have to be over 21 years old. Furthermore, you can’t be drunk on arrival. Also, volunteers have to have a designated driver to take them to and from the event.

Different police departments have different rules, so it depends on where you live.

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