Woman enrages ex-boyfriend with rash decision immediately after their breakup: ‘[He] sounds like a nightmare’

Emerald Pellot
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A woman’s argument with her boyfriend led her to make a sudden decision that resulted in another fight

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. When her boyfriend accused her of cheating out of the blue and dumped her, she canceled a vacation ticket she had bought him. She planned to go on the trip alone. But the breakup didn’t stick. Then her boyfriend discovered what she had did and lashed out at her once again. 

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“My boyfriend decided to pick a fight with me and accuse me of cheating and just being generally untrustworthy,” the Reddit poster said. “There was no reason for this, he just wanted to get in a fight. Seasonal depression, COVID-19 isolation and winter weather have gotten the better of both of us at times. That same day, I had booked us a trip to Vegas for a few weekends later. I was still in the 24-hour window period to cancel when he broke up with me, so I canceled his flight, but ONLY his. Since the initial purpose of the trip was for me to go keep my friend company, I didn’t cancel my plans.”

But then her boyfriend apologized to her and they seemed to work things out… sort of. 

“I was still pissed with the way he treated me, so I didn’t want to reward his behavior by rebooking a ticket for him on my dime, but I also didn’t tell him I was still going,” she explained. “Fast forward to a week later, I asked him if he still wanted to go, because I really did want him to come along and he said yes. When I tried to book him on my same flight, tickets had gone up to over $900 round trip, I’m guessing because of March Madness. When I told him I couldn’t get him on the same flight, but found another one, he completely lost his s*** and told me I was a terrible girlfriend for canceling his ticket in the first place but still making plans to go without him.” 

Reddit users didn’t think the girlfriend was in the wrong. 

“Your boyfriend sounds like a nightmare,” one person commented

“Why are you with this guy?” another wrote

“If he’s treating you like that before and after, do you actually wanna stay with him?” someone said

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