Woman who filmed revenge attack on duo during Hari Raya gathering jailed

Amir Hussain
Senior Reporter
Nurhanifah Juma’at pleaded guilty last week to one charge of causing hurt. (Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

A woman who participated in a revenge attack on a pair of siblings that saw them scalded with hot water was on Friday (11 January) jailed for 15 months.

Nurhanifah Juma’at, 27, had filmed the assault on Muhammad Faizal Omar, 27, and his sister Nur Faraktika Omar, 25. The part-time cleaner had also boiled the water used in the attack, which left the victims with second-degree burns.

The video of the incident taken by Nurhanifah went on to be widely circulated online.

She had pleaded guilty last week to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt to Faizal in common intention with two others. Another charge of causing hurt to Faraktika was considered in sentencing.

Victims invited for Hari Raya gathering

The plan to assault the siblings was concocted by Nurhanifah’s friend, 35-year-old Norhayati Jaffar. Norhayati had been upset after watching a video, which showed her younger brother being beaten up by Faizal. The video was widely shared on Facebook, the prosecution said.

Norhayati, who viewed the video during a Hari Raya celebration at her home on 7 July last year, had also noticed that Faraktika was in it.

Angered by the assault on her younger brother, Norhayati then hatched a plan to take revenge on Faizal and Farahtika.

Under the pretence of holding a Hari Raya gathering the following day, Norhayati invited the siblings to her flat in Spooner Road. She invited another younger brother, 33-year-old Muhammad Bakhtiyar Jaffar, to take part in her plan. Nurhanifah agreed to record a video of the planned attack as requested by Norhayati.

Prior to the siblings’ arrival, Norhayati instructed Nurhanifah to boil some water in a kettle. Norhayati then transferred the hot water to a jug.

Trapped inside flat

The siblings later arrived at the flat with two other women. As the group entered, Norhayati locked the main gate behind them.

She and Bakhtiyar then attacked the two siblings while Nurhanifah filmed the assault on her mobile phone.

Norhayati hit Farahtika with a bamboo stick and stomped on her stomach, while Bakhtiyar repeatedly pummelled and kicked Faizal, who curled up in a foetal position on the floor.

Norhayati also poured the hot water on Farahtika’s neck, back and right ear before striking her neck with the jug.

After Farahtika managed to flee the unit with the two other women, Norhayati turned her attention to Faizal and began hitting him with the bamboo stick.

During the attack, Bakhtiyar also grabbed Faizal’s head and slammed it twice against a wooden chair. He also punched and kicked Faizal repeatedly.

The entire attack, which lasted three to four minutes, was filmed by Nurhanifah.

When Norhayati splashed hot water onto Faizal’s body, the latter jumped up from the floor in pain and fled from the unit. Norhayati and Bakhtiyar then went in search of Faizal, while Nurhanifah continued filming.

Faizal sustained second degree burns to 4.5 per cent of his body surface area. Meanwhile, Farahtika endured second degree burns to her neck and had bruises.

Norhayati and Bakhtiyar have yet to be dealt with.

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