Woman hospitalized after heavy glass door gets dislodged and falls on her

A freak accident at Alexandra Central Mall last Sunday left a woman hospitalized after a glass door fell right on her.

CCTV footage that found its way online showed the moment when the lady got injured after entering the lift lobby of the mall’s carpark on the fourth floor. When one side of the double glass door closed behind her, it appeared to have pushed the other door off its hinges, and it slowly fell forward, slamming hard on the oblivious lady’s head on its way down.

Video screengrab
Video screengrab

Her male companion was caught unaware too, and he struggled to lift the heavy glass-and-metal door off the lady. A passerby helped him out, while others quickly came to the lady’s assistance. As for the victim, she appeared woozy but conscious enough.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), she was conveyed to National University Hospital in an ambulance. Alexandra Central Mall’s management confirmed the incident to the media, assuring that the case is being looked into by the police. A contractor has since been engaged to conduct inspections on all its glass doors.

One individual who claims to be a frequent patron of the mall stated that he actually noticed that the particular door has been faulty for some time. It is unknown if he reported the damaged door to the management before.

Facebook screengrab by Roads.SG
Facebook screengrab by Roads.SG

Others did not like the way the victim was handled and moved following the accident, as it could have caused more harm than good.

A medic we spoke to advised bystanders not to move casualties unnecessarily — extra spinal precautions need to be taken.

The first thing bystanders should always do is to call the emergency number for an ambulance and ensure that the victim is not in any further danger.

“Ambulance crews are well equipped and trained to move the patient from the accident site into the ambulance while minimizing the risk of further spinal injury,” he mentioned.

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