Woman impersonates royalty to cheat Datuk out of RM1.2 million, gets 38 months' jail


AMPANG: A 41-year-old woman was sentenced to 38 months in jail for cheating a Datuk out of RM1.2 million by impersonating the Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah's daughter, Tengku Aisyah.

The accused, Rohaida Yahlil, who suffers from dwarfism, pleaded guilty when 54 charges were read before magistrates Mohamad Izwan Mohamed Noh and Mohamad Firdaus Sadina Ali, at two separate magistrate's courts here today.

The administration executive was charged with deceiving cosmetic surgeon Datuk Dr Abdul Jalil Jidon, 60, by persuading him to transfer RM1.2 million into a Maybank account belonging to her friend, Khuzairiah Abdul Latiff, in stages, between June 2013 and July last year.

Rohaida was charged under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property, for which she was liable to a maximum 10 year's imprisonment, a fine, or both, upon conviction.

Mohamad Izwan handed down three years’ imprisonment after 19 charges were read before him.

Meanwhile, magistrate Mohamad Firdaus sentenced the accused to 38 months in jail after 34 charges were read before him.

The magistrates also ordered the jail term to start from the day she was arrested on March 13.

Deputy Public Prosecutors Ahmad Zuhaimi Mahamad Amin and Raihanah Abdul Razak prosecuted, while the accused was unrepresented.

According to the facts of the case, Rohaida had contacted the victim, claiming she was Tengku Aisyah, daughter of the Sultan of Pahang.

She demanded that the victim transfer money to her, as Sultan Ahmad needed cash to pay taxes to Bank Negara and for personal use.

The victim, who had known Sultan Ahmad for 15 years, was not suspicious over the call and transferred the money as instructed.

However, he began to feel that something was amiss after the accused failed to repay him as promised after three years.

In a sessions court, Rohaiza also pleaded guilty to eight charges related to money laundering involving RM 2.8million.

Judge Rushah Lutfi Mohamed set bail at RM300,000 with one surety, and ordered the accused to surrender her passport.

The court set April 3 for sentencing.