Woman injured after being pinned down and mauled by kangaroo while walking her dog

Ellena Cruse
Nine News

A woman has told how she almost lost an eye after being mauled by a kangaroo while walking her dog in Australia.

The victim, only identified as Dina, told 9News that she was knocked to the ground and jumped on by the animal close to a walking trail in Victoria.

She needed 25 stitches to her face and sustained injuries to her back and arm. The attack only ended when she "played dead", she said.

"He missed my eyeball - I am so fortunate I still have my eyeball intact," she said.

The woman, known as Dina, required 25 stitches to her face (9News)

"He attacked me from behind and he knocked me to the ground, he gouged out the back of my leg. I know now if I hadn't turned around, I would probably have been disembowelled.

"He started pounding on me and jumping on me and I played dead. I just thought: this is happening, just wait until it is over."

Released from the hospital yesterday, Dina said she does not blame the kangaroo. She said her dog started the chain of events by chasing the animal.

The woman's back was injured in the attack (9News)

When the animal retaliated, she felt compelled to intervene as she could sense her pet's panic.

She is now warning other dog walkers to "not be afraid but have a fearful respect" for kangaroos.

Dina has a 'fearful respect' for kangaroos (9News)

Expert Chris Lehmann said kangaroos will come out from the bush looking for grass and water more frequently during dry weather.

As a result, kangaroos might come into contact with humans more regularly.

Danny Lowe, a local councillor, added: "They are wild animal - they will defend themselves. They are territorial."