Woman needs reconstructive surgery after neighbour bites off her CHEEK in row over milk

*WARNING: Graphic content and images below*

A mother-of-four is undergoing reconstructive surgery on her face after a neighbour bit off her cheek in a row about milk.

Danniella Farrow, 37, suffered the horrendous wound to her face when she was bitten by Hazel Gill, 36, in Hull, east Yorkshire, last July.

Last week, a jury at Hull Crown Court found Ms Gill and her son, Michael, 20, not guilty of wounding with intent and unlawful wounding.

Although Ms Gill admitted causing the injury to Ms Farrow, she argued that it was carried out in self-defence.

‘I feel like a freak now,’ said Ms Farrow. ‘I am disfigured for life. Every day I have to relive what happened and I am sick and disgusted that she has got away with it.

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‘It is horrendous and I can see people looking at it – it is on my face so obviously it is very visible.

‘My daughter thinks it is her fault and blames herself – she told me she wanted to kill herself.’

Ms Farrow, a care home worker, and her 13-year-old daughter were helping a friend move house when the incident took place. Ms Farrow asked for a coffee and their friend sent her daughter to a neighbour to ask for some milk.

Hazel Gill, left, was found not guilty of wounding Danniella Farrow (Pictures: SWNS)

Ms Farrow said an angry Ms Gill came out of her house ‘swinging and punching’ and shouting: ‘Someone was banging on my door’.

Ms Farrow said she saw a set of eyeballs latched on to her face while Ms Gill sank her teeth into her face.

When police arrived on the scene, they searched the street for the part of the cheek that had been bitten off.

‘I had never seen this woman before in all my life,’ said Ms Farrow.

‘During the attack all I saw was this set of eyes to my left – it happened so quick.

‘I didn’t feel anything at first but my daughter screamed and shouted there was a hole in my face.’

Speaking about her attacker, she said: ‘It is all over for her now, but I have to live with this for the rest of my life.

‘I never knew this woman before but now she will be a part of my life forever – it’s horrible.’

During the trial, Ms Gill said she had ‘finally’ gone out to speak to Ms Farrow because her door was being knocked on constantly.

‘Me and my beautiful son have been telling the truth the whole time,’ said Ms Gill.

‘If I could have done anything different that night I would have but I was fighting for my life. All this about milk at half eleven on a school night on a Monday night.

‘The right verdict has been given and justice been done – I am not guilty.’

She told the court she was ‘struck to the back of my head numerous times’.

Denying any wrongdoing, Ms Gill told the jury she fought back against the ‘attacker’ and was head-butted by ‘a blonde woman’ – causing her to ‘black out’.