Woman on scooter rides through groomsmen group photo in epic photobomb

Kenyatta Jefferson rode in front of a groomsmen group photo on a Lime scooter in Omaha, Nebraska. (Credit: Photographers Molly and Joshua Giangreco from Molly B. Photography)

On his wedding day, Matt Reilly and his groomsmen gathered outside the wedding venue in downtown Omaha to capture a commemorative photo on his special day.

But just as the photographer snapped the camera, the wedding group photo was unexpectedly interrupted by a random woman on a scooter in a vibrant tie-dye blue and green dress and matching sunglasses, who zoomed in front of the group in an epic photobomb.

“I love doing spontaneous things and making people laugh,” Kenyatta Jefferson, the “scooter girl” who photobombed the picture, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “And this one happened to go viral.”

Jefferson was zipping around Omaha on Lime scooters with her husband Eric and another friend for the first time on June 22.

“The Lime Scooters had just arrived in Omaha and [we’d] been wanting to try out the Lime scooters,” says the 42-year-old. As the three were zooming by the CHI Health Center, Reilly, a 25-year-old medical student at Creighton University, was celebrating his wedding at a nearby Hilton Hotel.

Jefferson immediately saw the group of dapper-looking men in suits taking a photo—and an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

“I love jumping into people’s pictures and if the opportunity comes I take it. I’m there thinking to myself, ‘I’m going to photobomb this picture,’” Jefferson says. “As she was taking the picture I zoomed through.”

Just as photographer Molly Giangreco snapped her camera, Jefferson boldy tore through the frame.

Kenyatta Jefferson rode in front of a groomsmen group photo on a Lime scooter in Omaha, Nebraska. (Credit: Photographers Molly and Joshua Giangreco from Molly B. Photography)

Although Jefferson crashed their photo, Reilly and his groomsmen were ecstatic, and erupted “incoherent yelling,” Reilly recalls.

“We are a group of guys who like to do things in the moment so it was the perfect timing and place for it to happen,” Reilly tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “If you could see the rest of the photo reel you would see a bunch of guys acting like 5-year-olds, so it’s no surprise to the people that know us that we would bring a random stranger into our wedding shoot.”

The group loved the epic photobomb so much, they even called her to come back around a second time.

“They were all saying, ‘Come back, come back!’ So, I zoomed around them again and they went cray and trying not to fall’,” Jefferson recalls laughing.

“They were cool about it and having fun and dressed nice. I just added a little fun to their time.”

After making a second circle around the groomsmen, Jefferson kept on riding without a trace. “She just rode through and disappeared,” says Giangreco. “We didn’t even get to talk to her.”

So, Giangreco decided to turn to social media to launch a campaign to find the mystery “Scooter Girl.”

“When your wedding is in downtown Omaha during the College World Series, you never really know what might happen,” Giangreco wrote in a post on her and her husband’s photography business Facebook page.

”This woman, having the time of her life on a scooter, kept riding past us - posing for photos and we LOVE her for it!”

The post with the hashtag #FindScooterGirl, quickly took off online and “Scooter Girl” became an instant hit with people loving her spontaneity and energy. Facebook users were able to identify Jefferson the same day they began their search.

Jefferson says she was at the grocery store on July 4 when her friend Shelby sent her a picture that another co-worker had shared with her on Facebook.

“They were like, ‘What are you doing with these people’s wedding party?’” Jefferson recalls. When Jefferson finally had the chance to look at all the things she had been tagged with on Facebook, she says she “laughed out loud” when she discovered she was Omaha’s mystery “Scooter Girl.”

Since discovering her viral online alter ego, Jefferson has been embracing the nickname that she says is “so me.”

“That's just how my personality is— a blast to be around and I enjoy having fun.”

Although Reilly was unable to surprise his wife with the serendipitous photo when the image went viral online, he says the whole experience has left him with an invaluable lesson as he begins his venture into married life.

“From this experience, I think my biggest take away is to live in the moment, as cliché as it sounds,” Reilly tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “By this I mean be ready for the unexpected things to come into your life and bring you a little extra happiness or laughter.”

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