Woman pleads guilty to hitting mother, verbally abusing police

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
(PHOTO: Yahoo News Singapre)

Angered by a domestic dispute, she hit her mother in front of the police and then hurled expletives at the officers when they tried to intervene.

In the State Courts on Wednesday (18 April), Sng Yu Qin Cheryl, 33, pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt, one count of using abusive language on a public servant and one count of voluntarily obstructing a public servant.

Five other similar charges will be taken into consideration for her sentencing.

The court heard that Sng’s father called the police on 11 May last year when Sng and her mother were having a dispute.

When Staff Sergeant Ng Yong Shen Gerald and his partner arrived at the flat, Ng saw Sng hit her mother on the back.

When Ng questioned Sng about her actions, she replied, “I am hitting my mom.”

Ng tried to calm Sng down, but she hurled vulgarities at him, telling him to “F*** off right now”. She also told Ng, “Sue me on the word ‘f***’ and see who wins.”

Sng was asked for her particulars but she refused to comply with Ng’s request. The officer then told her to go to her room to cool down.

Later, while Ng was recording a statement from Sng’s mother, Sng heard her mother tell the police officer Sng’s particulars. Unhappy, she emerged from her room, snatched the statement from Ng and tore it up.

Sng’s lawyer Muntaz Zainuddin asked the judge to call for a Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO) suitability report.

She also asked that Sng not be remanded so that she could continue her visits to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). No mention was made as to whether Sng currently suffers from any psychiatric conditions.

District Judge Ong Hian Sun agreed to call for an MTO suitability report and adjourned the case to 16 May.

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