Woman left raw beef at Indian neighbours' doorstep, MTO report called

A woman walks out of the State Courts in Singapore, Friday, Feb. 26, 2021. British citizen Nigel Skea was sentenced to two weeks in jail and fined 1,000 Singapore dollars ($753) for breaking a coronavirus quarantine order in Singapore. (AP Photo/Annabelle Liang)
State Courts in Singapore. (PHOTO: AP)

SINGAPORE — A woman who left raw beef at her Indian neighbours' doorstep was ordered to be assessed for a mandatory treatment order on Wednesday (21 April).

Farhana Mohamed Suwati, 31, had pleaded guilty to one count of committing mischief by removing five aluminium panels and three metal rods from a window in the same neighbours' unit, and one count of insulting behaviour by placing raw beef at their doorstep.

One charge of causing hurt to a neighbour by throwing the panels and rods into the living room, resulting in one of them hitting a neighbour's leg, will be considered for sentencing.

Farhana stayed on the ninth floor of a Housing and Development Board block at Yishun Street 51 beside the Indian neighbours, a 48-year-old man and his 79-year-old mother.

On 20 May last year, the older neighbour was sitting in her living room watching television with the main door to her unit open and the gate locked. Farhana approached her unit and placed raw beef at the doorstep.

Farhana then shouted “wei” and left. The older woman felt distressed and angry as she did not eat or touch beef.

Farhana admitted to committing the offence as she felt that in early 2019, the man had molested her. She wanted to scare and warn the man, and had believed that he was in the unit at the time as the television was on.

On 10 September last year, the two victims were sitting on their sofa at home with the main door open with the gate locked. Farhana approached the unit and hurled vulgarities in English and Malay at them.

She then removed five aluminium window panels and three horizontal metal rods from the victims’ living room window and threw them inside the unit.

She admitted to doing so as she was "easily annoyed by noises made by people" and would “explode” in anger, said the prosecution. Earlier that day, she had heard a cough from the unit and felt disturbed.

After hearing another sound from her neighbours while taking out the trash, she lost her patience.

The neighbours lodged a police report that day.

In the course of dismantling the window, Farhana had caused the metal rods to be damaged. The HDB paid $82.73 for the repair of the window.

Farhana will return to court for sentencing matters on 5 May.

For committing mischief, Farhana faces up to two years' jail, or a fine, or both. For using insulting behaviour, she can be jailed up to six months, and/or fined up to $5,000.

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