Woman sexually molested on Johor express bus, passengers rally to her aid

Ahmad Fairuz Othman

JOHOR BARU: A 21-year-old woman who was allegedly molested while on an express bus from here to Batu Pahat on Sunday has lodged a police report over the incident.

In a post on her Facebook page, the woman, known as Xin Yan, said that a male passenger on the bus molested her when she fell asleep at about 6pm.

In her report, she said that she was seated in one of the back rows of the express bus, and that the alleged molester was seated behind her. She said the man touched her hips.

"When I turned (around to look at him after he touched me), the man looked away.

“I (went back to sleep) after that, (but) when (we) reached the Simpang Renggam R&R, I felt a finger touch my breast.

"I was shocked to see the man, who had been seated behind me, was now seated beside me," she claimed in her report.

Xin Yan confronted the man by screaming "You buat apa?'" (what are you doing?).

The man responded by pretending to adjust the air conditioner vent, she said.

Xin Yan told the express bus driver about the incident, and asked for his help not to let the man out of the bus.

"When we reached the Air Hitam bus station, the man wanted to get down, but the driver and all the passengers did not let him out," she said.

However, Xin Yan claimed that the man managed to get off the bus through an emergency exit when another passenger alighted at Parit Raja.

Despite that, members of the public gave chase, apprehended the man, and helped escort him and the woman to the Parit Raja police station in Simpang Renggam, where the report was lodged.

When contacted, Kluang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Laham confirmed the case.