Woman ‘snaps’ and leaves fiance at hospital to foot the bill: ‘I refuse to help him out’

A woman left her fiance at a hospital when he refused to pay his own medical bills.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in on the matter. She and her fiance agreed to split their finances equally until they get married, as they both earn the same amount.

However, she couldn’t help but notice that any time she asked him to pay for anything, he would use the excuse that he was saving up to buy an apartment.

She pays when they eat out, when the apartment needs fixing or when they need anything else. Meanwhile, he buys gadgets and gaming equipment.

Recently, he asked her to drive him to the hospital after experiencing weeks of ankle pain. Afterward, he demanded that she pay his bill.

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“I had it, especially after he threatened to not add my name to the new apartment’s title if I refuse to help him out. I snapped and told him to pay for himself and stop using my money with the apartment excuse then I left,” she wrote.

He paid the bill but has been furious since, calling her selfish and negative.

“You are being used,” a user commented.

“Don’t marry this user. You’re worth more,” a Redditor replied.

“He is just using you and your money,” another wrote.

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