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Woman suffers bad reaction to piercing: ‘I’m laughing but I’m also about to cry’

Paige Wisehaupt (@therealpwizz) got a piercing in her ears months ago. After some time went by, she started to have a bad reaction to the piercing, causing her earlobe to swell.

She posted a video asking people on TikTok what to do because her ear lobe was starting to swell and was hurting.

“Don’t let your ear swallow it! My ear did that and it hurt like a b**** to get out. Get longer jewelry until swelling goes down. Saline solution soaks,” said @ratzasamantha3204.

Despite getting that advice, she revealed in a different video that her ear did in fact end up swallowing the piercing.

“I’m laughing but I’m also about to cry,” she said.

Piercing swallowing is when the area surrounding the piercing begins to envelop it. There are several reasons why this can happen, with infections and incorrect piercing size being two of the main culprits.

According to Dr. Lawrence Gibson, via, one of the first things someone should do with an irritated ear following a piercing is to wash it with a saltwater solution repeatedly. If the infection doesn’t improve after three days, he says to seek further medical attention.

After a trip to urgent care, Wisehaupt went back to the place where she got the piercing to get it removed. Urgent care told her she would need a plastic surgeon to cut the earring out of her ear. However, the piercer had other plans. She was simply going to push the piercing out of her ear.

Although it wasn’t what urgent care recommended, TikTokers approved of this method.

“Girl she saved you a couple thousand at the doc…… she a real one,” said @marissarae48.

Once she did that, the piercer put a new one back in Wisehaupt’s ear and made sure that the bar was longer, so that it would be harder to sink back into the ear.

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