Woman Swallowed By Python While Checking On Corn

Lindsey Ramsey
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Delish

An woman in Indonesian was swallowed whole by a python as she checked on her corn fields last week. According to The Washington Post, citing the Jakarta Post, the woman's name was Wa Tiba and lived on Muna Island off the coast of Sulawesi. She left her home Thursday night to visit her cornfield about a half mile from her home.

Reticulated pythons are common in the area, but it was actually wild boards that Wa had been worried about initially because they'd be destroying her crops, according to the Jakarta Post's report.

When Wa didn't return, her sister went out to find her and found Wa's footprints, flashlight, slippers and machete. On Friday, 100 villagers from Persiapan Lawela searched the area and found a 23 foot-long snake with a very swollen belly. The villagers killed the snake, cut it open and found Wa inside intact.

Pythons are the longest snake in the world and usually only eat smaller mammals. However, a similar incident happened last year to a farmer from the nearby village of Salubiro on Sulawesi Island, according to The Washington Post.

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