Woman Thrown Out of Washington Restaurant For Breastfeeding Her Four-Day-Old Son

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A mother was allegedly kicked out of a restaurant in Washington, United States, along with her husband and other family members because of breastfeeding her newborn baby. This incident has created uproar in the area and many moms were seen protesting outside the restaurant against this incident.

The 25-year-old mother named Ruby Meeden and her husband Aaron,31, were at the Greek Islands restaurant in the Anacortes area of Washington to meet a few of their relatives last week. At the restaurant their then three-day-old son Rhett got hungry and Ruby started nursing him inside the restaurant, KOMO News reported.

However, the restaurant owner arrived at their seat and ordered them to leave their restaurant promptly. When asked the reason, the owner offered no explanation.

The couple, feeling insulted by this treatment, decided to leave a negative review online for the restaurant. The owner promptly responded, saying that “Don’t come to my restaurant to breast-feed your baby.” The owner not only replied in an insulting tone, but also called the couples’ other children (a daughter and a son) ‘brats’. Aaron has shared a screenshot of the website on his Facebook account. Aaron alleged that the restaurant owner even called his wife ‘animal’ and asked them never to visit the restaurant, according to KOMO News.


Soon after, a crowd of around twelve angry mothers protested outside the restaurant and started demanding an explanation. “He’s going to answer for it one way or another because it’s illegal to kick a woman out for breastfeeding,” said Megan Stevens, one of the moms at the protest, as reported by KOMO News.

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