Woman’s TikTok storytime about overhearing ‘sinister’ bridesmaids gossiping about a bride prompts debate

After overhearing an alleged “sinister” conversation between a few bridesmaids, one woman has sparked controversy over her decision to share the story on social media. While some TikTok users feel she did the right thing in recounting what she overheard, others believe her video was nothing more than an attempt to gain views.

From accusing a former bridesmaid of allegedly stealing funds for the bachelorette party to claiming that a bridesmaid ruined their wedding photos, there seems to be no shortage of feuds between a bride and her bridesmaids becoming public knowledge. What isn’t as usual, however, is a third-party listener airing the drama on their social media.

On Sept. 9, Kelsey Kotzur (@kelsey_kotzur), a fashion influencer based in Brooklyn, N.Y., posted a storytime on TikTok regarding a conversation she claimed to have overheard while having brunch at a restaurant in London, England. Kotzur said she sat next to a table “full of three girls” who were debriefing about their friend’s wedding that took place “a few weeks ago.”

What initially started as “tame gossip,” like discussing what they disliked about their dresses, quickly devolved into a more “sinister” conversation, spearheaded by “the blonde” ringleader of the group, she said.

“She was kind of the ringleader of this dynamic, and she was talking about how she felt so ugly on her day, and it was so unfair that the day of her friend’s wedding that she was in was all about her, the bride, and not about the bridesmaids,” Kotzur recalled. “And she was going on to say about how the bride was supposed to look so beautiful but she didn’t…then this other girl in this dynamic chips in about how the flowers that every girl had to hold were so ugly that she could have gone into the backyard of any house, to any forest, plucked out some flowers, and made a prettier bouquet.”

According to Kotzur, the women also looked at photographs from that day and talked about “how fake of a face they had to put on” when they saw the bride in her gown and “how they had to be star-studded actresses” to get away with it.

“If I were that friend and I knew that these girls were talking about me like this, I would throw myself into traffic…Anyway, if you just got married and your color scheme was blush and you have two blonde friends with short bobs and you have a brunette friend, don’t be friends with them anymore,” she added.

Many TikTokers are divided

Kotzur’s storytime, which she followed up with another video defending her decision to speak out about the conversation she overheard, has more than 1.8 million views and 244,600 likes as of reporting.

TikTok user @meganwardy, for instance, revealed that while she’d want to know this information, it’s a humiliating way to find out. “I agree I’d want to know but this is such a public way to find out your closest friends hate you,” she wrote in response to Kotzur’s video. “What if she doesn’t want this public humiliation?”

@guppyuppy took a similar stance and commented, “How would this be helpful?? i feel like it’s hurtful and humiliating and honestly not really your business.”

A creator by the name of Makeup Fresh on TikTok has since stitched a video of her own in response to Sara Morano (@smoranooo), one woman who seemed critical of “friends who don’t talk s*** about their ugly bridesmaids dresses.”

“In my opinion, this tells me all I need to know about the girl in the video I stitched,” Makeup Fresh said of Morano on Sept. 12. “That she thinks it’s OK to say that her friend’s ugly on her wedding day. Big yikes. I’d rather have no friends than friends like that.”

On Sept. 12, Eggs Bread Croissant (@eggsbreadcroissant), also based in New York City, claimed that Kotzur took a “holier-than-thou” approach by posting the video.

“Whatever happened to minding your own business?” she said before calling out a few memes that Twitter users had posted making fun of Kotzur. “Posting a video about this public conversation you heard…it’s f***ing weird behavior…Call me jaded, but I don’t think the intention of her posting this video was any means of justice for the bride. It was just to clout chase.”

This take, however, has elicited a variety of dueling responses.

TikToker @k_bread20 argued that it’s “really not that weird that she made this video” as “it’s a pretty wild thing to witness.” @ph143658, on the other hand, believes this is “the correct take,” as “ppl have convos all the time,” it’s just that “most of the time others don’t eavesdrop & then post it on the internet.”

‘You can never guess what the person who is on the receiving end of this video, what their reaction is gonna be’

L.A. creator Katherine Esters (@tawdrylorde) was more critical of Kotzur’s conveyance of events. In a video posted to the app on Sept. 12, Esters argued that while there’s merit in wanting to warn somebody of the company they keep, it’s “such a fine line” to walk.

“Initially, I was a proponent of those videos but I feel like you have to walk such a fine line between giving enough information that the person in question knows that it’s them, but you can’t give too many details to the point where it turns into a spectacle and that person ends up being embarrassed,” she said. “And I feel like her video honestly did the latter…You can never guess what the person who is on the receiving end of this video, what their reaction is gonna be.”

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