Women Allowed To Attend University; Ban On Mixed-Gender Classes: Taliban's Acting Higher Education Minister

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The Taliban's acting minister for higher education Abdul Bani Haqqani yesterday (29 August) said that women will be allowed to study at the universities with a ban on the mixed classes, reports Hindustan Times.

Haqqani said, "The people of Afghanistan will continue their higher education in the light of Sharia law in safety without being in a mixed male and female environment."

Haqqani further asserted that the Taliban wants to "create a reasonable and Islamic curriculum that is in line with our Islamic, national and historical values and, on the other hand, be able to compete with other countries". Also, girls and boys will be segregated at primary and secondary schools.

It should be noted that Haqqani made the statements during a meeting with a batch of elders which included no women representatives.

Also, it remains to be seen if the Taliban would allow women to work and to get educated at all levels.

It should be noted that during their previous rule over Afghanistan during the 1990s, the outfit had banned women from education.

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