Wong Jing's new comedy release

Wong Jing's new comedy release

5 Mar – Wong Jing's latest parody movie, "Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters" will soon be released in the cinemas.

Popular Asians website reported that the star-studded cast, which include Wong Cho Lam, Sandra Ng, Eric Tsang, Ronald Cheng and Sammo Hung, will premiere on 8 March.

"Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters" is a parody on martial arts films in which Cho Lam attempts to learn powerful martial arts and win the love of a beautiful lady.

From Sandra's head full of fruits to Cho Lam cross-dressing as a woman, the latter admits that there is nothing the cast would not do in order to make the movie funnier and sillier.

He stated, "During filming, we tried to avoid eye contact because someone is bound to burst out laughing. There was a scene where Eric had to drink pee and everyone on set was laughing like crazy."

The "Inbound Troubles" star also sang and wrote the theme song for the movie, as well as rewriting and acting as the improvisation producer on set, constantly sharing ideas and suggestions with Wong Jing.

Wong Jing revealed, "Wong Cho Lam is a natural at coming up with these funny scenes, so I am open to adopting his suggestions."

The film also stars Ronald Cheng, Yuen Wah and Philip Ng and will also be incorporating Bollywood-inspired dancing and choreography.