Wong Kar Wai to direct a new film in 2015

Wong Kar Wai to direct a new film in 2015

18 Jun – It was revealed that director Wong Kar Wai may be making his return with a new movie next year.

According to The Standard, Mei Ah Entertainment, the distributor to some of Wong's notable works, including last year's "The Grandmaster", stated that the director will be helming a romance film, which will begin filming in 2015.

The Chief Executive of Mei Ah Entertainment, Patrick Tong also disclosed that the movie will star a Hong Kong heartthrob, though details about the lead star have yet to be revealed.

Patrick is also refused to reveal whether Tony Leung, Wong Kar Wai's constant collaborator, will be joining the cast.

Meanwhile, Mei Ah Entertainment will also be filming another movie by Gordon Chan, though details on that particular movie are also under wraps.