Workers' Party MPs to raise Keppel corruption case in Parliament

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    Speak the truth
    Someone got to take responsibility, don't expect the shareholder to swallow the bitter medicine of whom the decision-maker Scot-free
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    and please please raise the questions on the losses of GIC n TH
    for fye 2016/2017
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    Wait lao goh will come out and talk again but until now I still puzzle about the NKF case which the wife not investigated after saying something like peanuts. I think many Singaporean already forgot this case
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    It would be like the AIM case - Keppel will be allowed/asked to conduct its own investigations, act blur for 6 months and then Keppel say own investigations show 'no lapses'. AGC will readily accept their findings, tell Singaporeans "Let's move on, other more important things to do" & refocus on hammering LSW.

    Tai-Chi 101.
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    This is why we need to vote in MORE (not less) capable and honest people into Opposition in Parliament to have checks and balances; and to have transparency and accountability!

    Singaporeans need to be cognizant that the current PAP is not the same as and cannot match the selfless pioneer PAP.

    Take a look at all the rental bikes littering all over the island and ask whether the old guard would have allowed this to happen.

    The Opposition should also get its act together and offer honest and capable candidates.
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    Guess who will pay the $422 million fine ?
    Not Keppel but the Singapore government.
    Keppel is a government linked company.
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    The original purpose of setting up Temasek Holdings in the early 80s, was for it to be a PUBLIC TRUST FUND, to gradually and progressively PRIVATIZE the GLCs, and Govt Stat boards over time.

    Temasek Holdings was supposed to be gradually DIVESTING its stake in these entities, to let these Stat-boards and GLCs to become fully PRIVATIZED, independent from Government-ownership (or at least not in majority proportion).

    Temasek Holdings was supposed to be a sort of SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) to help the Spore economy transitioned from a State-run Socialistic economy, into a Private free-market economy of free-market capitalism, free from Government involvement and government-ownership.

    The Dishonorable Son perverts and subverts and original intent of Temasek, turns it into a MONSTER vehicle to implement MARXISM.

    By never-ending and incessantly "nationalizing" more and more People's privately-owned wealth" (ie. TAXATION) and transfer PUBLICLY-owned monies into certain selected private-sector companies, and then practice NEPOTISM and CRONYISM,
    appoints all his cronies and friends, and relatives into these companies where Temasek/GIC are represented in the Board of Directors.
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    GLCs are using our tax money and CPF money for the business. All illegal loses must and should be thoroughly investigated. The investigations and loses should be made public to all Singaporeans and Residents, because these are our money. The government should never just sweep such matters under the carpet. If they did that or intend to do that, then they are in conspiracy with the corruptors, and hence similarly corrupted too.
    I am glad we have some opposition to check on them. There is no such thing as "ownself check ownself". Only the dafts can accept such crapz!
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    Again, no wonder LHL already announced that he will hand over to the 4G team shortly after the next elections. All the worms under his tenure are starting to show, one after another.
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    NotMyPresident- Have you done anything to check on our reserve? Is it compromised