• FBI reopens probe into Clinton emails

    The FBI told US lawmakers Friday it has reopened its review of White House frontrunner Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server when she was secretary of state, after discovering new mails "that appear to be pertinent." FBI director James Comey said his agency would take "appropriate

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  • EU probes 40-bn-euro ChemChina acquisition of Syngenta

    The European Commission on Friday opened an in-depth investigation into state-owned ChemChina's 40-billion-euro takeover of Swiss seeds giant Syngenta to see if it would hurt competition. "We need to carefully assess whether the proposed merger would lead to higher prices or a reduced choice

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  • Leading Kosovo guerrilla faces fresh war crimes charge

    Kosovo's special prosecutor filed a war crimes indictment Friday against a top guerrilla commander turned politician who has twice before been charged and acquitted over atrocities in the 1990s conflict. The indictment says MP Fatmir Limaj was responsible for the killing of two civilians in November

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  • EU's Mogherini to visit Tehran, Riyadh for Syria talks

    The European Union's diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini will head to Iran and Saudi Arabia for talks on the Syrian conflict, a statement said on Friday. Mogherini will visit Tehran on Saturday and Riyadh on Monday for "senior level talks" continuing the EU's "outreach to key

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  • Russia loses election to UN rights council

    Russia on Friday failed to win re-election at the United Nations Human Rights Council in a vote rights groups said reflected international disapproval of Moscow's involvement in the war in Syria. The UN General Assembly elected Hungary and Croatia instead to represent eastern Europe at the 47-nation

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  • Dutch PM urges opposition to support EU-Ukraine treaty

    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Friday appealed to opposition parties to help find a compromise over amending a EU-Ukraine treaty, rejected by voters in April, or risk seeing the key cooperation pact fail. If no solution is found, Rutte warned his government would have no choice but to propose a law

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  • Putin says not right time to resume Aleppo strikes

    The Kremlin said Friday that President Vladimir Putin did not think it was time to resume air strikes on Aleppo after the defence ministry requested that a moratorium on bombing be lifted. "The Russian president considers it inappropriate at the current moment to resume strikes on Aleppo,"

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  • Record migrant arrivals in Italy as tensions rise

    October marked a record monthly high in the number of migrants arriving in Italy in recent years, with over 27,000 people reaching its shores. Italy's interior ministry released figures Thursday showing that 26,161 people -- almost all from West Africa and the Horn of Africa -- arrived here this

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  • Rebels in Aleppo attack, Putin cautious on new Russian raids

    Syrian rebels launched a major assault Friday aimed at breaking a months-long siege of opposition-held districts of Aleppo, as regime ally Russia held off on renewed air strikes. Rebel groups including the powerful Ahrar al-Sham faction and former Al-Qaeda affiliate Fateh al-Sham Front fired waves of

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  • UN reports IS executions as Mosul advance pauses

    Jihadists have killed scores of people and taken tens of thousands to use as human shields in the Mosul area, the United Nations said Friday, as Iraqi forces temporarily halted their advance on the city. Thousands of people have fled from areas surrounding Mosul, prompting a warning of "massive

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  • European markets in lull as strong growth aids Wall Street

    European markets wobbled Friday while better than expected third-quarter US economic growth brought a measure of cheer to Wall Street ahead of a raft of data and policy decision in the week ahead. Frankfurt, London and Paris diverged slightly with investors waiting on next week's vital central bank

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  • Remaining Jungle migrants relocated after two days in limbo

    Most of the migrants left wandering the Calais "Jungle" as it was being demolished were relocated Friday, including dozens of minors over whom France and Britain had traded barbs. Around 50 minors, mostly Sudanese, were taken to a centre for refugee children, with another bus of 34 older youths

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  • Paris migrant camps grow after 'Jungle' demolition

    As French authorities wrap up an operation to evacuate and clear the Calais 'Jungle' camp, many migrants are returning to the French capital. Over 5,000 migrants have been relocated to welcome centres around France, but between 2,000 and 3,000 left before the evacuation began, with many still

  • Yazidi survivor of IS slavery aims to be 'voice' of her people

    A Yazidi teenager who escaped the Islamic State group after nearly two years of enslavement says the prospect of one day becoming a "voice" for her community saw her through the nightmarish ordeal.

  • Belgian regional parliament approves EU-Canada trade deal

    Belgium's Wallonia region on Friday approved a landmark EU-Canada free trade agreement after marathon talks produced a compromise, clearing the way for the European Union to sign the pact. By 58 votes to five, parliament in Namur, south of Brussels, became the first of the country's three French-speaking

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  • World's oldest living person prepares for 117th birthday

    116 year old Emma Morano from Verbania in Italy is the world's oldest living person and is about to turn 117. Her secret? Two eggs a day - and cookies.

  • Iraq pro-govt forces on guard at the front near Mosul

    As Iraqi forces close in on Mosul from the north, east and south, growing numbers of civilians are fleeing IS-held areas and the impending fighting in territory the jihadists control.

  • Video of world's 'saddest polar bear' in China sparks outrage

    A global campaign to free the world's "saddest polar bear" from a Chinese shopping centre has gathered one million signatures, rights groups say, as a new video of the wretched-looking animal sparks fresh outrage.

  • Russia seeks to stop jihadists from fleeing Mosul

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday called for cooperation to prevent Islamic State jihadists from leaving Mosul and heading to Syria during the offensive under way to recapture the Iraqi city. "We are interested in cooperation with our Iraqi colleagues to take measures to prevent

    AFP News
  • Brazil sees more murders in 4 years than Syrian war: study

    More people have been murdered over the past four years in Brazil than have been killed in more than five years of war in Syria, a Brazilian group said Friday. Brazil has been struggling in recent years with a rise in violent crime, made worst by a sharp economic downturn and budget cuts to police forces

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  • Assange refused arrest warrant suspension for mentor's funeral

    The Swedish prosecutor's office on Friday said it had rejected WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's request to temporarily suspend an arrest warrant so he could leave the Ecuadoran embassy in London to attend the funeral of mentor Gavin MacFayden. The 45-year-old Australian -- wanted for questioning

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  • Venezuela opposition challenges president with strike

    Venezuela's opposition sought to pressure President Nicolas Maduro on Friday with a strike, which he threatened to break with army takeovers of paralyzed firms. The action, scheduled for 12 hours from 1000 GMT, was called by the opposition to protest authorities' decision to block a referendum

    AFP News
  • Valbuena sex-tape 'mastermind' released from detention

    One of the suspected blackmailers in the Mathieu Valbuena sex-tape scandal has been released from prison, his lawyer said on Friday.

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  • Iceland seeks 'closure' over stalled EU membership talks

    A possible victory for Iceland's leftwing and centrist opposition in Saturday's snap election has brought the issue of stalled European Union membership talks back to life. Although most Icelanders are sceptical about their country's future within the EU, they seek a closure on the matter

    AFP News
  • Danish editor behind Mohammed cartoons clashes with paper

    The Danish ex-editor who commissioned the Mohammed cartoons that triggered deadly protests a decade ago on Friday accused the Jyllands-Posten newspaper of trying to silence him, saying it had let "the jihadists" win. In a book to be released on Monday, titled "De besatte" ("

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