• Italy's Renzi loses referendum on constitutional reform: exit polls

    Italian voters on Sunday overwhelmingly rejected constitutional reform proposals on which Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has staked his political future, exit polls suggested. The projected result was in line with what opinion polls had been indicating up until November 18, after which the media were banned

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  • Cuba buries Castro, embarking on post-Fidel era

    Fidel Castro's ashes were entombed in a massive stone next to other national heroes on Sunday, opening a new era in Cuba without the revolutionary leader who ruled the island for decades. President Raul Castro placed the cedar urn containing his brother's remains inside the tall round monolith

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  • Search broadens for Trump's top diplomat

    Donald Trump on Sunday expanded his search for a secretary of state -- a crucial post given the president-elect's unorthodox communication style -- as aides downplayed the controversy over his phone call with Taiwan's leader. Trump top aide Kellyanne Conway said "a very full slate of meetings

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  • Relief and anger after bitter Austrian election

    After an ugly and deeply polarising presidential campaign in normally tranquil Austria, whooping and relief on one side Sunday night was matched by disdain and anger on the other. Independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen had already won the contest once, back in May -- the election had to be held

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  • California warehouse fire death toll climbs to 30

    The death toll from a fire at a California warehouse where a rave party had been taking place rose to 30 on Sunday, as authorities were able to access more of the gutted, unstable building. Authorities had only searched a small part of the two-story building destroyed by the inferno late Friday night

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  • No statues for Fidel Castro, but his image is everywhere

    While Cuban President Raul Castro has promised that no monument will be erected in memory of Fidel, his brother's image has been plastered across state media since his death. Castro said the national assembly would fulfill the late communist leader's dying wish by passing a law to prohibit erecting

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  • Lone gunman kills three women in Finnish town

    A lone gunman shot dead three women, a local official and two journalists, in an attack in a small town in Finland, a country with one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world. The attack took place as the women were leaving a restaurant in the southeastern lakeside town of Imatra near the

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  • Massive turnout as Italy referendum battle enters final hours

    Italians voted in huge numbers Sunday in a high-stakes constitutional referendum that will decide the fate of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and has left the rest of Europe braced for the fallout. Renzi, who has vowed to step aside if he loses, was counting on a last-minute turnaround in voter sentiment

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  • The Weeknd ends Drake's reign as Spotify king

    The Weeknd has ended Drake's long reign as king of Spotify, with the singer topping the rapper in monthly listeners on the world's leading streaming service. The Weeknd, whose new album "Starboy" came out November 25, had close to 37.5 million listeners in November -- more than one

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  • Brazilians take to streets against corruption

    Brazilians marched across the country Sunday, protesting against corrupt politicians and what they see as attempts by Congress to shut down a huge anti-graft probe. The peaceful crowds expressed support for Operation Car Wash, a probe that has uncovered mass embezzlement by politicians and top executives

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  • Raids kill dozens in Syria's Idlib, army advances in Aleppo

    Suspected Russian air strikes killed at least 46 people in opposition-held parts of Syria Sunday, a monitor said, as government forces advanced in fierce clashes with rebels in east Aleppo. Syria's government is waging an offensive to recapture all of second city Aleppo, and it has so far captured

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  • Austrian far-right admits defeat in presidential race

    Austria's Norbert Hofer conceded defeat Sunday in his bid to become Europe's first far-right president, as projections showed he was lagging behind in a bitterly fought election re-run. Greens-backed independent Alexander Van der Bellen swept 53.3 percent of the votes against 46.7 percent for

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  • Turkey charges six over deadly schoolgirl dorm fire

    Turkish authorities on Sunday charged six people over a blaze in a dormitory building that killed 11 schoolgirls last week, state media reported. Among those charged and placed under arrest pending trial were the dorm manager as well as the head of an association linked to the religious body that owns

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  • Erdogan wants trade with Russia, China in local currencies

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country was moving towards allowing trade with Russia, China and Iran to be conducted in local currencies, as he continues his efforts to strengthen the falling lira. "If we buy something from them, we will use their money, if they buy something from

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  • Austria's green, cigarette-loving new president

    Fans affectionately call him "the professor" -- and in the end Alexander Van der Bellen gave a lesson in election campaigning by fighting off the far-right to become Austria's new president. Van der Bellen -- also known as "Sascha", a nickname that nods to his Russian roots -

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  • Norbert Hofer: Austria's failed far-right presidential candidate

    Austria's Norbert Hofer, who swiftly conceded defeat in an election Sunday in which he was bidding to become the EU's first far-right president, is an ideologue and no fan of the bloc. The mild-mannered 45-year-old, a gun enthusiast who has walked with a cane since a 2003 paraglider accident

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  • Afghan leader criticises Pakistan for 'undeclared war'

    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani accused Pakistan Sunday of waging an "undeclared war" and said Taliban insurgents battling his government would not last a month without sanctuary in the neighbouring state. Ghani also urged Pakistan to spend around $500 million pledged in aid for Afghanistan

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  • EU accuses China of wrecking 'green' goods deal

    China has scuppered attempts by world trade heavyweights to eliminate or reduce tariffs on a list of environmentally friendly products, the European Union said on Sunday. A list of around 300 "green" products had been prepared by the US and EU to be presented at WTO talks on Sunday in Geneva

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  • Uzbekistan votes for second ever president

    Uzbekistan voted Sunday to choose a successor to late strongman Islam Karimov, with long-serving premier Shavkat Mirziyoyev expected to score a comfortable victory against weak opponents. The Central Electoral Commission in the ex-Soviet authoritarian republic said almost 87 percent of the 20 million-plus

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  • First buses take Aleppo residents back to abandoned homes

    For much of the past four years, taking a bus between the two sides of Syria's divided second city Aleppo meant an arduous, and sometimes dangerous, 10-hour road trip. At least 10 buses made the trip from west to east, after the army seized 60 percent of the former rebel stronghold in east Aleppo

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  • Secret weddings and phone calls in Mosul under IS

    To celebrate her wedding in Mosul, Shaimaa covered herself in black to hide her dress and make-up from the jihadists on her way to the groom's house. In the Hasansham displacement camp where they now live with thousands of other people who fled their homes since Iraqi forces launched a broad offensive

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  • Austria far-right eyes presidency on 'day of reckoning'

    Austrians return to the polls in a bitterly fought election re-run which could see the European Union's first far-right president and boost the anti-establishment tide sweeping many countries.

  • Buses take residents back to abandoned east Aleppo homes

    For much of the past four years, taking a bus between the two sides of Syria's divided second city Aleppo meant an arduous, and sometimes dangerous, 10-hour road trip. But now, the trip takes just half an hour, as buses begin to travel directly from the government-held

  • Philippine vice-president says plot to oust her

    Philippine Vice-President Leni Robredo announced Sunday she would quit President Rodrigo Duterte's cabinet after being told to stay away from its meetings, and said there was a plot to oust her as his deputy. Robredo did not say who was behind the alleged plot to remove her as vice-president. In

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  • Egypt brings in tougher penalties against female genital mutilation

    An amended law that toughens penalties for female genital mutilation to up to 15 years in jail has come into effect, the health ministry announced Sunday. Health ministry officials will monitor and oversee clinics and private hospitals to enforce the anti-FGM law that came into effect last Tuesday,

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