World's Tallest Models Hit the Catwalk for Unique Fashion Show

World's Tallest Models Hit the Catwalk for Unique Fashion Show

It was high fashion in New York recently as a group of towering beauties participated in World’s Tallest Models, a fashion show that requires participants to be at least 6-foot, 4 inches tall.

The tallest model of them all is the show's founder, Ekaterina Lisina, who stands at 6'9".

Lisina is known for her slots in the Guinness Book of World Records, holding the titles of female with the world’s longest legs and as the world’s tallest model.

She decided to start the project to exemplify what taller models can bring to the fashion and media industries.

Joining Lisina on the runway was Rachel Mitchell, a 6-foot-7-inch professional basketball player.

Mitchell said potential suitors are not at all intimidated by her height.

“Short men love tall women,” she said.

Kyrsten Lindstrom plays volleyball and, like Mitchell, is 6’7".

At 6'4", Brooke Rogers just made the cut.

“I'm the shortest of all of them — and I wish I was taller,” she said.

Prior to the show, the women received training on the proper way to walk the runway with high heels on.

"You make sure you make contact with the back of that step," a coach told them during practice.

Despite the coaching, one model had a slight hiccup has she went down some stairs.

The long-legged models strutted their stuff in long gowns and short dresses just after getting their final touch ups on their legs.

Following the show, audience members were invited on stage to take photos with the tallest models, including Inside Edition producer Zara Lockshin, who stands at five feet tall.

The next World's Tallest Models show will take place in Los Angeles on July 11.


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