World Cup fans are flocking to this Doha restaurant

STORY: This restaurant run by Qatar's first-ever female

restaurateur is buzzing during the World Cup

Location: Doha, Qatar

Shams al-Qassabi opened ‘Shay al-Shamous’

in 2004 with just six seats

She now serves over 200 at a time,

slinging traditional Qatari breakfasts

(Shams al-Qassabi, Owner of ‘Shay al-Shamous’)

"I cook, I mix the spices, I serve the food, I take people’s opinions and take the orders, all by myself. I wanted to show people what is Qatar, what is Qatar’s culture, from the norms and traditions of Qatar to Qatari food - specifically home cooking, not restaurant food."

Qassabi pushed against the

prevailing conservative customs

She now counts David Beckham

among her customers