'What the World Needs Now': Ohio Man Serenades Donkey Foal in His Arms

An Ohio man cradled a donkey foal in his arms and serenaded it with the classic Burt Bacharach tune What the World Needs Now Is Love at his farm in Marengo, Ohio, on Wednesday, June 24.

Footage recorded by Dawn Fagan shows her husband, Dean, singing as the 10-day-old foal, Ivy, falls asleep in his arms.

Dawn Fagan told Storyful that Ivy “loves to be rocked and sung to.”

The Fagans run their own donkey sanctuary on a 67-acre farm they call Jackass Junction. The husband and wife first rescued a donkey called Mister Donker Donks. They now care for several mini-donkeys, according to local reports. Credit: Dawn Fagan via Storyful