World's weirdest hotel rooms

The Melody Sphere at Free Spirit Spheres
Vancouver Island, Canada

Builder and creator Tom Chudleigh used the properties of sailboat construction as a design model for his orb-shaped hotel rooms that hang suspended from wires in the trees of Vancouver’s rainforest. The Melody Sphere, which is separated and solo in a grove of cedar and spruce trees, is made from an exterior of yellow fiberglass. One must traverse a short suspension bridge and then wind up stairs curving around the trunk of a tree to access it. The outside is decorated with painted birds and musical chords, and the interior is made from black walnut with a fold-down Murphy bed, a small sink, speakers for playing music, five windows and a sky light.
Bonus: When the wind blows, you are gently rocked to sleep.
Approximate Cost: $225/night


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