World's weirdest hotel rooms

The Dog Bark Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho (Photo: Courtesy of the Dog Bark Inn)

The Dog Bark Inn
Cottonwood, Idaho

Artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin have a soft spot for canines and carving. Combined, those passions were the impetus for this artistic couple to construct a giant wooden beagle just outside the town of Cottonwood, Idaho. Population: 944. The hollow beagle-shaped hotel room stands 30 feet tall, 12 feet wide and 36 feet long, and can sleep four adults in Americana-styled comfort. Additionally, small children can easily sleep in the reading nook, located in the hound’s nose. There’s homemade granola for breakfast, but no kitchen. We suppose in giant wooden dog hotel, fire poses a bit of a risk.
Bonus: There is a full bathroom inside, however. Located just beneath the tail.
Approximate Cost: $92/night


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