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    India issues heat wave alert as Delhi posts record high temperature

    India's weather department issued a red alert for several parts of the country's northwest on Wednesday, warning of a severe heat wave a day after parts of the capital Delhi recorded their highest temperature ever at almost 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit). A red alert implies a "very high likelihood" of people developing "heat illness and heat stroke", and calls for "extreme care" for vulnerable people, according to the India Meteorological Department.

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    Colombia bans bullfighting after years of dispute

    STORY: Colombia's Congress has banned bullfighting after seven years of failed attempts, despite political and social groups opposing the move, citing its cultural value.The country's constitutional court had recently urged Congress to issue a definitive regulation on bullfighting.On Tuesday the bill prohibiting it passed with 93 votes in favor and two against.Congress member Juan Carlos Losada was among supporters: "Today we have a country that says no way of torture can be considered as cultur

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    South Africans vote with ANC rule in balance

    South African voters turned out for a landmark general election on Wednesday, with the ruling ANC's exclusive grip on power in doubt three decades after the advent of democracy.Some 27 million voters are registered for the most uncertain poll since the African National Congress (ANC) led the nation out of apartheid rule, with opposition challenges from both the left and right.

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    Putin: don't hit Russia with Western missiles

    STORY: Vladimir Putin warned the West on Tuesday that NATO members in Europe were playing with fire by proposing to let Ukraine use Western weapons to strike inside Russia. While on a trip to Uzbekistan, the Russian president told reporters on Tuesday that such strikes could trigger a global conflict. Putin also emphasized that many NATO member countries have small land areas and dense populations, Which was a "factor that they should keep in mind before talking about striking deep into Russian

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    De Niro slams Trump as 'a clown', threat to democracy

    STORY: :: Actor Robert De Niro slams Trump outside his New York City trial :: May 28, 2024 :: New York"I owe the city a lot. And that's why it's so weird that Donald Trump is just across the street. Because he doesn't belong in my city. I don't know where he belongs, but he certainly doesn't belong here.” "Somehow, he even got self-styled patriots to support a man who called for terminating the Constitution and on January 6th, rallied an angry mob to threaten democracy, leaving death and destruc

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    Indian capital records highest-ever temperature of 49.9 Celsius

    Temperatures in India's capital have soared to a record-high 49.9 degrees Celsius (121.8 Fahrenheit) as authorities warn of water shortages in the sprawling mega-city.- 'Water scarcity' - New Delhi authorities have also warned of the risk of water shortages as the capital swelters in headache-inducing heat -- cutting supplies to some areas.

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    World's first wooden satellite built by Japan researchers

    The world's first wooden satellite has been built by Japanese researchers who said their tiny cuboid craft will be blasted off on a SpaceX rocket in September.It will be sent into space on a SpaceX rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in September, bound for the International Space Station (ISS), they said.

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