The world's first Made for iPhone hearing aid

The Beltone First can link seamlessly to an iPhone or iPad for listening to music or making voice calls and it even has its own app.

Until now, consumers who required a hearing aid also needed a remote control or other extra accessory in order to make the device work in concert with a smartphone or tablet.

But the Beltone First changes that. The first hearing aid to achieve Made for iPhone status, the device can also be controlled and enhanced by the supporting Beltone HearPlus app.

This allows the user to adjust bass and treble levels and also to create custom settings for specific indoor or outdoor environments and then geo-tag them. It means that the hearing aid automatically adjusts based on location. The app can also be used as a tracking and location device if the hearing aid is misplaced.

Even though the hearing aid is tiny, it is available in a choice of 10 hair colors and skin tones so that it looks as inconspicuous as possible.

Available to order now in North America via healthcare professionals, the Beltone First is powerful enough to address 90% of all hearing loss.

The device will be rolling out further afield later this year but will be sold as the ReSound LiNX outside of the US.