World's smallest external GPU gets welcome upgrade for creative pros - higher TDP, better Thunderbolt connection but still running on RX 7600M XT

 GPD G1.

The GPD G1, dubbed the 'GPU box', allows users to significantly upgrade their laptop's graphics without the need to invest in a new machine or manually replace the GPU. It can also double as a docking station, making it ideal for use with today’s best business laptops.

We first wrote about the GPD G1 in October 2023, and now it’s about to receive a significant upgrade, making it even more appealing to creative professionals.

The GPD G1 still runs on the same Radeon RX 7600M XT GPU but has been upgraded in three other areas. Firstly, a physical toggle has been added next to the existing power button. This allows users to switch between silent and balanced modes. In silent mode, the Total Graphics Power is limited to 60W, ensuring the G1 operates with minimal noise. When switched to balanced mode, the TGP increases to 100W, providing a more consistent experience.

Upgraded Thunderbolt 4 controller

Next, the HDMI interface now supports high refresh rates. The original G1 model included 2 DP ports and 1 HDMI port. While the HDMI interface theoretically supported 4K/120Hz output, signal interference limited it to 4K/60Hz. The interference issue has been resolved with this upgrade, allowing for 4K/120Hz output via HDMI.

Finally, the USB4 port now supports a 65W power supply. The initial G1 model's USB4 port (which uses a Thunderbolt 4 controller) supported a 60W PSU. However, some users found it unable to power certain Surface and Lenovo thin and light notebook models. This has been addressed in the revised G1 model, which now ensures a steady 65W power supply, thanks to both the upgraded Thunderbolt 4 controller and firmware fixes.

GPD says the upgraded G1 is in the final stages of preparation for mass production, with a planned release by the end of this month.

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