Wow! Kate Middleton Has a New Hairdresser for Her South East Asia Tour

Wow! Kate Middleton Has a New Hairdresser for Her South East Asia Tour

Kate Middleton's hair on the 2011 Canada Tour and at this year's London Olympics

Kate Middleton’s trademark big, bouncy blowdry is nearly as famous as she is, racking up thousands of column inches worldwide, as we normal folk try to figure out not only how the Duchess maintains such lustrous locks, but how we can strive to achieve similar crowning glory, with our comparably inferior tresses and lack of on-hand super-stylist too.

It was James Pryce who was first tasked with tending to the royal tresses and made K-middy famous for her fabulous blowouts.  Not only was he the man behind the hairdryer at the royal wedding, he also accompanied the Duchess on her first official Canada tour last summer. We weren't surprised that Mr Pryce was the choosen one, with his extensive and impressive training which began at Daniel Galvin, before he moved onto Trevor Sorbie and then spent six years at Richard Ward.  In November last year James joined The Atelier, a sparkling new salon concept full-to-bursting with other creative and highly sought-after hair pros including Josh Wood, George Northwood and Bantika Elsley. 

When the transfer happened James was unable to continue tending to Kate’s tresses due to a well known inter-salon rule that prevents big name stylists who move between salons keeping their regular clients for about six months.  Yes really - It’s all rather a case of scissors at dawn.  Whilst this kerfuffle was taking place, we were intrigued to discover who had taken over the royal job in this interim period.  It was simultaneously noted that there was a change in the way that Kate’s hair had been finished.  James' wide, generous waves, had been swapped for tighter curls in the lengths of the Duchess’ hair which didnt float our boat in quite the same way.

Now all has been revealed, as the palace announced that hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker has been looking after the Duchess' locks and will accompany her on the upcoming South East Asia Tour. Relatively unknown in fashion-circles, Cook Tucker has been cutting William and Harry’s hair for years and years and been noted for her constant discretion. Rumour has it that the stylist attends to her royal duties in the comfort of Kate’s own house, avoiding the need for constant salon visits.  What are your thoughts on Kate's tress-formation?

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