WP's Lee Li Lian: It's time for voters to decide

Rahimah Rashith
Rahimah Rashith
WP's Lee Li Lian during her final interview with media before the close of campaigning.

Over to you.

Workers' Party by-election candidate for Punggol East, Lee Li Lian, says that after nine days of hustings, it's time for the voters of the ward to decide.

Speaking on the final day of hustings on Thursday evening at Rivervale Crescent, Lee said, "We have done our best during this campaign. As long as we have done our best, I think it's for voters to decide".

Lee said she had managed to cover 100 percent of HDB blocks in Punggol with the help of volunteers and party members.

"It's been intense but memorable. I met many residents and they are warm and friendly but I'm not going to take that for granted. I'm not going to speculate any results. We'll wait for Polling Day," said

the 34-year-old sales trainer, who is married with no kids.

When asked if the Punggol East Town Council would be merged with the one from Aljunied-Hougang if she is elected into Parliament, she declined to go into specifics, preferring instead to wait for results of Polling Day on Saturday.

With the WP holding their final rally on Wednesday, this was Lee's final interview with the media before the close of hustings.

In a final Facebook push for votes later in the evening, Lee said she would fight tirelessly to make the voices of worried young parents raising children heard if elected to Parliament, as well as elderly Singaporeans facing rising costs of medical care.

She said, "I am an ordinary citizen who faces many of the same challenges you do every day. As a daughter, a wife, and a future mother, I share your concerns. That is why I am running in this by-election, because I want a better Singapore for all of us, and for our children".

She also thanked Punggol East residents for "welcoming her back with so much warmth" after her previous campaign in the same area in 2011.

With Friday designated as Cooling Off Day where no candidates are supposed to campaign, Punggol East residents -- over 31,000 voters -- will go to the polls on Saturday.

Lee is up against the People's Action Party candidate, Koh Poh Koon, as well as Reform Party's K Jeyaretnam and Singapore Democratic Alliance's Desmond Lim in a four-way tussle for the ward.

In the 2011 General Elections, she faced off against the PAP's Michael Palmer and won 41 percent of the valid vote in a three-cornered fight which also involved Lim.

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