Wu Chun tells the truth about departure from Fahrenheit

Wu Chun tells the truth about departure from Fahrenheit

22 May – Back in 2011, Brunei-born singer Wu Chun broke many fans' heart when he decided to leave famous boy band, Fahrenheit, citing lack of aspiration to become a singer and hopes of focusing as an actor as reasons for his departure.

The actor also stated that he made the decision as he wanted to spend more time with his family, while many speculated that he had a fall out with other band members. However, according to Sina's Daily News, Wu Chun, who appeared on a talk show with Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen recently, stated that the rumours were not true at all and his departure was actually due to his wife's pregnancy – a fact that he kept secret from many for quite a long time until he revealed it last year.

"When Nei Nei was born, it was impossible for me to continue my singing activities. But I am still close to my Fahrenheit brothers," said Wu Chun.

The actor also said that he will not decline any opportunity to work with the band again in future.

Meanwhile, speaking about daughter Nei Nei, Wu Chun lit up and said, "She is such a wonderful daughter. She can be stubborn sometimes, but I find it quite endearing."