Wu Chun: "I have two children"

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Wu Chun: "I have two children"

2 Aug – Actor Wu Chun made his first appearance in Taiwan a few days ago ever since rumours of him being married with a daughter circulated, according to a report on Xin MSN website.

The actor seemed confident when facing the media and later stunned most of them when he admitted, "Yes, it's true. I already have two children."

To the shock of both his fans and the media, Wu Chun explained, "I was talking about my two gyms!"

The actor runs a fitness business back in Brunei, his hometown.

Wu Chun also revealed that he has commissioned a lawyer to take legal action against the magazine that reported the news.

The actor confessed that the rumour about his marriage had been circulating for a very long time and he wishes not to clarify on the issue anymore

"I don't feel anything when I read the reports. I don't even want to explain anymore because even if I do, people are still going to write about it," he said.

When asked if he would publicly announce his wedding, the actor looked troubled, saying "it's hard to say". The decision would rely on the timing of the event and the willingness of his partner.

However, Wu Chun added it is not easy to have a relationship after having a career in showbiz as he will not have time to accompany his partner.

The actor clarified that he is currently single. When reporters probed Wu Chun on how he was able to remain single, he wittily replied, "You don't have to know!"