Wu Jing to temporarily stop making martial arts films

20 Nov – Chinese actor-director Wu Jing recently announced that he will be taking a temporary break from action and martial arts movies due to his injuries.

As reported on Epoch Times, Wu, who appeared at an event on crutches recently, shared that after continuously aggravating his past injuries, he is now having problems with his legs.

Although he did undergo surgery for them two years ago, Wu said that they still have not healed properly.

"I don't know when I will finally recover, but [for now] I can't do [action movies]," he said.

Wu, who has done various martial arts projects for many years, has experienced a lot of filming mishaps throughout his career, from breaking his nose, injuring his eyes to breaking his arms.

But there were two incidents that are considered the most serious - a sprained lower back when he was 14, and an injury to his knees when it hit the table after he fell down from a wire stunt while filming "Wolf Warrior 2".