Xavier Novell, Spain's Youngest Bishop, Resigns From Church to Enter Into Wedlock With Erotic Novel Writer

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Madrid, September 8: A bishop in Spain has stepped down from his position reportedly to marry an erotic novelist. Xavier Novell quit his position as the diocese of Solsona, citing personal reasons. His resignation came 11 years after he became the youngest bishop in Spain at the age of 41. He is now set to marry erotic novel writer Silvia Caballol, according to a report by The Olive Press, published on September 7. Season of Creation 2021: Pope Francis Urges the Participation of the Faithful As the 2021 Season of Creation Kicks Off.

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Xavier Novel will seek the Pope's permission for release from the vow of celibacy and obedience prior to begin his married life with Silvia Caballol. Here it may be noted that all Catholic bishops take the vow of celibacy and obedience while entering the priesthood. "I have fallen in love with a woman and I want to do thing well," Novell was quoted by Spanish newspaper El Pais.

"It is a magnificent vocation but I see that the Lord has wanted me to renounce that beautiful thing to have a bigger family," Novell, who was once Spain's youngest bishop, added. He is waiting for the Pope's blessings to enter into wedlock with Silvia. Their yet-to-happen wedding is drawing attention as Silvia is a writer of erotic novels.

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A 38-year-old from Barcelona, Silvia has penned two novels - Amnesia Trilogy and The Hell of Gabriel's Lust. Her second novel has been described as an erotic novel with Satanic overtones. It remains to be seen how the Pope and the Vatican would react to Novell's decision to leave priesthood and marry Silvia.

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