Xbox boss flexes Series X's 8K muscle

With 8K televisions a major trend at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft's EVP of Gaming reminded Twitter followers that the upcoming Xbox Series X will also conform to the new Ultra High Definition standard.

Xbox's division head wants the new Xbox Series X to be closely associated with the spectacle of 8K gaming.

Samsung, LG, and Sony have been busy unveiling new 8K televisions at CES 2020, and Xbox is getting in on the action.

Phil Spencer, who leads Microsoft's gaming division, changed his Twitter account profile picture from a self-portrait to a photo of an Xbox Series X CPU chip.

Engraved with the Xbox logo and the console's development codename, Project Scarlett, the chip also sports a serial number, a QR code partially obscured by reflection and, in the bottom left, the designation "8K."

The chip also appears to be slightly larger than that of the Xbox One X, Microsoft's souped-up Xbox One released in 2017.

That speaks to a claimed four-fold increase in overall processing power and an associated need for better heat transfer implied by a vertical, ventilated design for the Series X case when it was first shown at The Game Awards in December 2019.

Xbox confirmed support for 8K resolutions at the event.

The Xbox Series X is to debut towards the end of 2020, alongside Sony's competitor, the PlayStation 5.

Industry rumors suggest that the Series X could be made available in two specifications at launch, with the pricier variation boasting more powerful internals, and the less expensive model dovetailing with Xbox's library subscription Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming service Project xCloud.

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