Xbox Hardware Sales Fall 30% But More Users Than Ever Are Subscribed to Game Pass

Xbox has experienced a mixed start to 2023, according to the latest earnings report from Microsoft. The company reported that Xbox’s gaming revenue has fallen across the board, although it did clock a few wins.

Hardware sales at Xbox took the biggest, dropping 30% from the same period last year. Xbox attributed the decrease to increased console supply in 2022 when most users were able to purchase the necessary hardware.

Overall gaming revenue has also dropped, though not by nearly as music, decreasing just 4% year-to-year. The company found some smaller wins in a 3% growth in its content and services revenue, thanks to more users signing on to Xbox Game Pass.

Revenue aside, Xbox broke third-quarter records for both monthly active users and monthly active devices. Across first-party software, there are over 500 million unique users and revenue for gaming subscriptions has nearly hit $1 billion USD.

"Across our content and services business, we’re delivering on our commitment to offer gamers more ways to experience the games they love, while revenue from subscriptions reached nearly $1 billion this quarter,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said.

In other gaming news, Sony PlayStation is rumored to introduce a "Q-Lite" portable console.