Xbox panel talk to focus on cloud gaming platform Project xCloud, March 18

Project xCloud brings Xbox games to mobile devices through a cloud-gaming subscription service

Given the most stage time at Microsoft's Game Stack Live 2020 is a presentation about the potential of Xbox Series X and Project xCloud, set for March 18.

As part of its replacement schedule for the cancelled Game Developer Conference, Microsoft staff and executives are putting on Game Stack Live, a two-day online event about Xbox's investments and interests in video gaming.

There are talks from internal studios The Coalition ("Gears 5"), Rare ("Sea of Thieves"), Turn 10 ("Forza Motorsport"), inXile ("Wasteland") and Double Fine ("Psychonauts 2").

Other sessions about the division's indie gaming arm ID@Xbox, the nature of inclusive and accessible game design, and the changing nature of the games industry.

But with most talks running at 15 to 30 minutes, by far the largest share of virtual stage time goes to 1h05m panel talk about how Holiday 2020's Xbox Series X console and in-development game-streaming service Project xCloud deliver a new chapter in gaming.

The online presentation begins at 11:55am PT on March 18 through

(2:55pm ET, 6:55pm GMT, 7:55pm CET, 8:55pm SAST, then 00:25am IST, 2:55 CST, SGT, MY and PHT, 3:55 KST and JST, and 5:55 AEDT.)

Close behind is a one-hour talk about the role of online services in the 2020- console generation, which starts at 10:40am earlier the same day.

Having seen its achievements during the Xbox 360 era overtaken by Sony in the early years of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation, Microsoft's game division has pursued both technological advancement (through the Xbox One X) and budget-friendly options (the Xbox One S, All Digital Edition and Xbox Game Pass).

Project xCloud is expected to enhance that as well as drive Xbox into an era where ecosystems are more important than console platforms; one where Google's Stadia, Nvidia's GeForce Now and cloud gaming services from Chinese giants Tencent and Alibaba are already competing for attention and subscription revenue.