New Xbox Series X console wraps are now available in a pair of stunning camo finishes

 Image of the Xbox console wraps.
Image of the Xbox console wraps.

What you need to know

  • The new Xbox console wraps were announced back on August 21st, 2023.

  • The Starfield, Mineral, and Arctic Camo wraps have been available for pre-order.

  • The Starfield wrap launched back on October 18th, but the camo wraps launched today.

  • The Mineral and Arctic Camo wraps retail for $44.99 while the Starfield wrap is $49.99.

We previously covered the Xbox Series X console wrap announcement in August and since then the wraps have been up for pre-order. Those of us who wanted to celebrate Starfield with a little snuggie jacket for our Xbox Series X have all received them, and they look great. You can learn more and get to see some hands-on photos in our Starfield wrap review.

If Starfield wasn't your cup of tea, or you are just a camo enthusiast, the camo-themed Mineral, and Arctic Camo wraps are now available for purchase, and if you pre-ordered they should be on their way to you now as made known by this post by the @Xbox account on X (Twitter.)

Looking to pick up an Xbox Series X console wrap? The Mineral and Arctic Camo wraps are available for $44.99 or the Starfield wrap is $49.99 on the Xbox Store.

What is an Xbox Series X Console wrap?

Image of the Mineral wrap unfolded
Image of the Mineral wrap unfolded

(Image credit: Xbox)

If you're like me, and you love to display things in your game room, or living room, the idea of a custom console is appealing. However, with an Xbox Series X costing $500, I knew that even if Xbox launched a custom Starfield console as they did with the Halo Infinite custom console, I would have to be fiscally responsible and miss out on it. The solution that Xbox came up with is a console wrap, that has a premium feel, look, and a tight fit that truly spruces up the look of my now bland, matte black, monolith of an Xbox Series X.

I absolutely love my Starfield wrap, and it has brought a new life to my entertainment center as it completely brightens up the Xbox Series X. Tangentially, I also purchased the PS5 Spiderman 2 faceplates, and they are a much worse aesthetic upgrade because, unless you have your PS5 facing sideways or have it by itself, most of the design is hidden. The Xbox console wraps don't have this problem as so much of the surface area is on the front of the Xbox and the design can really shine.

The Mineral and Arctic camo console wraps continue Xbox's obsession with camo-themed accessories. Xbox seems to always be announcing a new camo controller, and for those of us who love a matching set, you can now pick up a camo wrap to complete the look.

Does the Xbox Series X console wrap cause heating issues?

Starfield Controller, Headset and Wrap
Starfield Controller, Headset and Wrap

Xbox has tailor-made these Xbox wraps so that they fit perfectly on the Xbox Series X and don't block any intake, or exhaust ports. Thanks to the Xbox Series X's super-efficient cooling system of taking in cool air from the bottom of the console and exhausting it out the top, the wrap has yet to cause any reports of overheating issues that I could find.

You should feel confident that your Xbox will continue to perform great even with a console wrap on it. Who knows, maybe the Arctic Camo wrap might even help cool it down.

Are there console wraps for the Xbox Series S?

Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming said during a live panel at the Tokyo Games Show, that the Xbox Series S wraps are a "work in progress." You can watch the video live through a post by @IdleSloth84_ on X (Twitter.)

It has been speculated that due to the design of the Xbox Series S, it might be harder to wrap the Little Brother console due to the location of the intake vents.

The Xbox Series S likely makes up nearly half of all Xbox Series consoles on the market, and there is likely an incentive for Xbox to make wraps for the popular console as soon as possible.

We recently covered how Xbox was right about the Xbox Series S, and it would be great for adopters of the Series S to have customization options as well.

Which Xbox Series X console wrap should you pick up?

If you haven't already purchased the Starfield wrap, then I suggest giving it real consideration. It is premium in every way and really adds a great aesthetic to my entertainment center. If Starfield isn't for you, then both the Mineral and Arctic Camo options look great, but I prefer the Arctic Camo look myself.

There is hope that as more big AAA games from Xbox are released, more console wraps will launch in parallel. It would be fantastic to see a Hellblade 2 console wrap, or a Fable wrap when the time comes. The next issue Xbox might need to solve is offering a great way to display these wraps when they aren't on the console for those of us collectors who want to get them all.

Have you picked up an Xbox Series X console wrap yet? What games from Xbox do you hope to get the console wrap treatment? Let us know in the comments.