XIA Junsu meets with drummer Aaron Spears

XIA Junsu met with drummer Aaron Spears'

On August 6th, XIA Junsu uploaded a photo of himself with Aaron Spears on JYJ's LINE, and wrote "It was nice to meet you."

Aaron Spears is currently playing drums in USHER's band, and he is famous for his musical versatility.

Aaron Spears recently visited Korea for 'Dream Concert', and it is said that he met up with XIA Junsu in the middle of his schedule.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments, such as "Puff Daddy's son last time, and Aaron Spears now! He's amazing", "Every music fans know Aaron Spears! I heard XIA Junsu recorded tracks of different genres for his new album, and it is great to see him having contacts with different musicians", and "He knows everyone!"

On the other hand, XIA Junsu will be continuing his Asia tour at BEXCO in Busan (August 10~11th).

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