Xiaxue says she fears for her life after being flamed for her Rosmah Halloween look

Blogger Xiaxue has received flak over her Halloween makeover as Rosmah, wife of former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak. (PHOTOS: Xiaxue/Instagram, AP)

Controversial Singapore blogger Xiaxue claims that she feared for her life after being flamed for dressing up like Malaysia’s former first lady Rosmah Mansor, complete with prosthetic make-up.

“I’m getting a lot of threats from people sia I’m legit a bit fearing for my life,” said Xiaxue, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, in an Instagram Story post on Wednesday (17 October).

Xiaxue posted a short two-second clip on Monday teasing her Halloween look. She had painstakingly transformed her face with make-up to mimic the hooked nose and splotchy skin that Rosmah is known for.

Her outfit even included a headscarf hijab and an orange prison jumpsuit with the name tag “R. Mansor”.

Rosmah, who is deeply unpopular in Malaysia for flaunting her wealth, especially her large collection of luxury bags, is rumoured to have undergone numerous cosmetic procedures on her face.

Her embattled husband Najib Razak has been investigated over corruption allegations and charged with laundering millions after he lost the prime ministership in Malaysia’s general election in May, where voters ousted the long dominant Barisan Nasional governing coalition.

Rosmah has been questioned by Malaysia’s anti-graft body.

In another post on Thursday, Xiaxue said, “I am completely bamboozled by the fact that Najib/Rosmah actually still has supporters (sic). How is it possible?! I thought everyone hated them?! Do people not watch the news?”

However, netizens also spoke up in support of Xiaxue, praising her make-up skills and pointing out that critics were overreacting to a Halloween costume.

The online personality plans to release a 10-minute tutorial video on Thursday teaching people how to recreate her Rosmah look.

It’s not the first time Xiaxue has attracted attention for her makeovers – last year she dressed up as an ISIS terrorist, and in 2016 she transformed herself into City Harvest Church’s pastor-pop singer Sun Ho.

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