Xiong Jing Nan battles for justice

China’s Xiong Jing Nan’s values have been instilled in her by her father, and she stands by them to this day.

The former pro boxer and national BJJ champion remains inspired by her father’s advice, and says his words remain uppermost in her mind.

“My father taught me that everyone is equal,” the 30-year-old said.

“When I see people getting bullied, I feel outraged. I’ll stand up for them, and protect the vulnerable.”

Xiong admits she often misbehaved as a child, but her desire to help the helpless was something she felt even then.

She was also inspired by the Hong Kong martial arts movie ‘The Swordsman’.

Growing up, she was reckless and often careless. In fact, Xiong readily admits she was a “naughty girl” who misbehaved quite frequently.

“My love for “The Swordsman” was very serious,” she explained.

“When I was a little girl, I loved ‘The Swordsman’ and I wanted to be one myself — to eliminate bullying, help the poor, and so on.”

Inspired by her father’s words and her heroes from that movie, Xiong decided she would step in when she saw injustices against the defenceless.

“I used to encounter a lot of these things,” she explained.

“For example, we have some city inspectors. Sometimes, even though they are doing things by the book, I feel they go too far. There are times when I saw them confiscate items from some elderly street vendors, or knock their things over.

“I cannot bear seeing that. So sometimes, I would go up to the inspectors’ car, and take those things back. I would carry things down one-by-one for them.”

Despite doing her bit for the community, she isn’t interested in getting a “thank-you” or even credit for her actions. Instead, she just wants to see people treated fairly.

“This is something that comes out of your heart. You cannot pretend or disguise feelings like this,” she says.

“This is something I feel deep inside my bones. I cannot change it in my life.”

It shows Xiong’s strength of character, and also her burning desire to step in when she sees injustice in front of her.

Those qualities of determination will be put to use when she steps into the ONE Championship cage as she challenges for the inaugural ONE Women’s Strawweight World Championship on 20 January.

Xiong takes on fellow challenger Tiffany “No Chill” Teo in Jakarta looking to make history and become a sporting superhero in the process.

Given her contribution to the people of her neighbourhood, it’s probably fair to say she’s a superhero to them already.