XL Axiata launches myXL app, integrates Facebook for seamless login and management

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XL Axiata

XL Axiata introduces myXL for easy account access and management. Facebook login has been integrated for convenience.

XL Axiata (XL) has launched a new solution for users to access their mobile account information information and get access to XL products and content. The Indonesia-based mobile telecommunications services operator offers data communication, broadband Internet, mobile communication and 3G services over GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks. Its new myXL application combines network data with social networking sites such as Facebook. No doubt this social platform is popular among data service users in Indonesia.

Facebook users on the XL channel get to perform integrated services with myXL Store, which was launched on February 20 this year. Users can enquire for their customer number, current internet packages, remaining balance, product information, content, and XL services, among others. According to Dian Siswarini, Director of Technology & Digital Services, the company views social media such as Facebook to be a potential channel to bridge the gap between XL and its users through myXL. MyXL Store allows users to access their own information and at the same time purchase products and XL services. Convenience is the key here.

What’s more interesting is that anyone can access myXL regardless of whether or not they are XL users. However, non XL users will not be able to enjoy the services and products available in myXL store. Users can login to myXL store by using their Facebook username and password. No need for the extra hassle of signing up for additional account, which is often considered a hassle. Do check out the Facebook page for more information or download from Play Store to start managing your XL account today.

Source: Kompasiana

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