Ya Hui was a victim of phishing delivery scam; TikTok account also hacked

The former Mediacorp actress took quick action to cancel her credit card, but urged people to be more vigilant

Local actress Ya Hui fell prey to a phishing scam and provided her credit card details. (Photo: Instagram/yahuiyh)
Local actress Ya Hui fell prey to a phishing scam and provided her credit card details. (Photo: Instagram/yahuiyh)

It’s not just the elderly who can fall prey to scams these days.

Former Mediacorp actress Ya Hui recently told Shin Min Daily News that she was a victim of a phishing delivery scam, and had actually provided her details to the scammers.

The 36-year-old explained that she had bought something from Shopee and received a message from “SingPost” after saying that her package wasn’t delivered successfully to her house.

In order to arrange for another delivery, Ya Hui was requested to go to a website and key in her personal details.

Under the assumption that the message was legit, she did as instructed and even provided her IC number and credit card details.

Fortunately, she had a revelation.

She told Shin Min, “I thought, ‘Why would SingPost send a message about a Shopee parcel?’ Within five minutes, I quickly cancelled my credit card.”

Due to her quick action, no losses were incurred. However, Ya Hui emphasised the need for people to be more vigilant about such scams.

TikTok account hacked, close to 100 videos lost

The scam wasn’t the only terrible incident to befall the celebrity.

Ya Hui also revealed that her TikTok account, which has 72,000 followers, was recently hacked and close to 100 videos were deleted, leaving only four.

Shin Min reported that the videos were deleted overnight.

According to the actress, she was suddenly unable to log into her TikTok account. Yet, she didn’t recall logging out of the account.

Then, she started receiving messages and screenshots from friends and family, and she realised she was hacked.

She said, “Even if it’s making nonsensical videos, it takes a lot of time! And social media is a part of our job. I really want to cry now.”

As if the loss of her account and videos weren’t enough, the hacker impersonated her and tried to solicit money from her fans.

“Now that I’ve terminated my contract with Mediacorp, if the scammer impersonates me and tells netizens that I need money, what if people misunderstand and feel sorry for me? They might think that I really have no money and transfer [money],” she said.

The actress, who joined Mediacorp after Star Search 2007, announced her departure on 21 Feb this year, after 15 years with the media company.

She wrote on Instagram, “Honestly, stepping out of my comfort zone is not an easy decision to come to… So with a heart full of excitement and nervousness, it's time to step out to explore new possibilities to grow and challenge myself."

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