Yaber T2 Plus Projector Review

Yaber T2 Plus review
Yaber T2 Plus review

The Yaber T2 series of portable projectors aims to impress with a wide range of must-have features, all while keeping prices low. While you’re shopping for an entry-level projector as your first foray into the technology, or hunting for a supplementary unit to use while traveling, the T2 series is able to satisfy. This is my review.

Easy setup

Yaber T2 Plus review
Yaber T2 Plus review

Setting up the T2 is super simple largely thanks to the auto-focusing systems. Simply place the unit anywhere, utilizing the handle which doubles as a tilting stand, and then let the projector correct the image. It works well, but if adjustments do need to be made, the projector’s user interface is easy to navigate.

The included Google TV dongle takes away the potential headache of dealing with an unfamiliar operating system. It plugs into the back of the T2 using a right-angled adapter, keeping the setup nice and clean.

Unique flair

Yaber T2 Plus review
Yaber T2 Plus review

Speaking of aesthetics, the T2 stands out with its unique look. I’m a big fan of the gold accents here. While competitors often opt for a dull black box, Yaber has gone in the other direction. I like the modern design a lot.

When it comes to specs, the Yaber T2 outputs 1080p images at up to 450 ANSI lumens of brightness. It can manage this for up to 2.5 hours during video playback. The output is sharp, though I’d personally keep the image to a max of 80”. You can push things beyond 100”, but it might not be worth the degrading sharpness.

Yaber T2 Plus review
Yaber T2 Plus review

The JBL branding seen on the product box teases the dual speakers with Dolby Audio. I’m happy to report that the audio outputted from the Yaber T2 is better than most of the other portable projectors that I’ve tested. It gets nice and loud without distorting.

Some downsides

Yaber T2 Plus review
Yaber T2 Plus review

My time with the T2 has been largely positive, though there is some room for improvement. First, I’d really like to see the minimum battery life extended beyond 3 hours. Movies have gotten longer in recent years, and 3+ hours would be nice for on-the-go use.

The brightness also has its limitations. While the T2 outputs a great image in dark and dim environments, users will have to deal with a pretty washed-out viewing experience if daylight manages to creep in. Being portable doesn’t necessarily mean great for outdoors.

Final Verdict

Starting at $299, the Yaber T2 series of portable projectors offers an impressive range of features for both entry-level users and travelers. Its easy setup, stylish design, and included Google TV dongle enhance the user experience, while the 1080p resolution and quality audio output ensure a satisfying performance. Despite some limitations in battery life and brightness, the T2 remains a strong contender for those seeking an affordable and capable portable projector.

Positives and Negatives

  • Great portability

  • Solid sound quality

  • Looks great and supports up to 120"

  • Included Google TV dongle bypasses headaches

  • Excellent auto features

  • Battery life could be longer

  • Brightness has its limitations


Disclosure: Review sample provided by Yaber.

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